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OCNED is also specializing in drilling for exploration, development and management for groundwater supply. We have involved in numerous projects in Malaysia for groundwater supply for domestic, industrial and construction utilization. Hence, we have the experience in assisting to gather information required for LUAS application for approval to extract groundwater use in Selangor.


Our groundwater consultancy survey, drilling and treatment technology partner is NIRAS A/S of Denmark. Denmark is a country that depends almost 100% on groundwater for drinking and industrial purposes.

The world's liquid asset consists of:-
  • a) 97.3% as saline water in Ocean
  • b) 2.1% as solid water in Ice Caps and Glaciers
  • c) 0.6% as liquid fresh water n Underground, Rivers and Lakes

Out of the 0.6% fluid fresh water available at any given moment on our planet earth, rivers and lakes hold 0.01% and underground water holds 0.59%. Thus, more than 97% of world fresh water is available underground - an estimated of 8 trillion acre-feet.