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We are looking for highly motivated individuals with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize shifting workloads in a rapidly changing industry. An effective communicator, strong people management skills and a genuine passion to make things happen in a dynamic organization. If you’re individuals passionate about the environment sustainability and ready to take on a wide range of responsibilities, this role is for you.



Job Descriptions:

·   To take charge of site inventory with proper recording including fuel for machinery and equipment to ensure smooth operation.

·   To pre-plan and delegate the task and works to all workers and operators.

·   To conduct task and instruction from site management as required.

·   To attend site work claim verification with client.

·   To check all equipment/material received and work done at site are as specified.

·   To attend site meeting and supervise the site to monitor progress of work.

·   To report to Project Engineer on progress of site work.

·   To supervise surveyor at work.

·   To instruct sub-con and supplier site work.

·   To monitor the site work progress is on schedule.

·   To attend site inspection by authorities and client.

·   To keep daily site activity report.

·   To study survey, architecture and structure drawings before start work and report to Project Engineer if found any discrepancy.

·   To ensure equipment used at site is safe and properly handle.


·   Candidate must possess at least SPM / Certificate or Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent.

·   Minimum 5 years working experience in construction industry, preferable infrastructure related work.

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Job Descriptions:

·       To report to the Project Manager/Director on the progress of the project. 

·       Complete construction project planning processes.  Manage and lead entire project team to ensure scope and direction of each project is on schedule, on-time delivery and on budget.

·       Establish construction schedules and manage on-site construction personnel.

·       Prepare progress reports and attend meetings with client/consultant/authority/subcontractors.

·       Review compliance with federal and local safety guidelines and standards.

·       To prepare project schedule and progress report to submit to client.

·       To make arrangements with the surveyor, sub-con and supplier to carry out site work.

·       To assist Quantity Surveyor for claimed site work verification with client and follow up payment certificate.

·       To ensure all the equipment/material received and work done at site are as specified.

·       To keep a logbook for equipment received by the sub-contractor.

·       To keep record on all equipment, material and FRP package plant receiving.

·       To test all the M&E equipment before client/ authorities inspection and installation.

·       To prepare all forms (PDC), document and drawings for IWK/ SPAN client intermediate, final and handover inspection.

·       To keep record, arrange and attend site inspection by authorities or client (PDC 2 to 8 and handover inspection).

·       To involve in designing of treatment plant.

·       To prepare Operational and Maintenance Manual.

·       To practice and implement quality system (ISO9001:2015).



·   Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

·   Minimum 5 years in construction management (C&S and Infrastructure).

·   Ability to effectively manage time, and multi-task concurrent projects/priorities while maintaining strict attention to detail.

·   Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

·   Demonstrate commitment to a high professional proactive work ethic.

·   Computer literate with experience and skills working with various GIS software such as ArcGis, AutoDesk, AutoCAD, QGIS, GRASS, Globalmappe, Aquis, Access, Biowin, Microsoft Project.

·   Good communication and written in Bahasa Malaysia and English.




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Job Descriptions:

·   To inspect and maintain all equipment of the STP Plant provided from the inlet of wastewater to the outlet of the treated water;

·  To inspect and maintain all machines and electrical equipment used for the STP;

· To carry out all maintenance services as specified and in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Manual Guideline;

·     To maintain and collate the quality of raw sewage/treated sewage water, prepare monthly report for submission;

·   To carry out testing of all wastewater samples which shall be tested in reputable and recognized independent laboratories;

·   To perform necessary troubleshooting for wastewater treatment plant breakdown.



· Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Electrical/Electronic, Mechatronic/Electromechanical or others

·   Minimum 1-year working experience in related field.

·   Basic computer knowledge.




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