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Our Services

At OCNED, we have a diverse range of services and hands-on knowledge relating to the water, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment & groundwater industry. We are able to undertake projects ranging from residential-, community- educational-, and industrial- as well as commercial-type installations throughout Malaysia.

To cater to such a diverse range of applications and requirements, flexibility is often a key consideration in ensuring that our services and installations meet our customers' needs. We provide various designs and also various types of mechanical and non-mechanical sewage treatment plants that are commonly deployed in this country which are recognised by the approving authorities.

Our skills and expertise will ensure that you get a compact, reliable and effective water treatment solution that is cost-effective, space saving and easy to install.
Remember, our key advantage is the flexibility to meet your needs. We design and make treatment plants that are affordable and economical according to your requirements.


Community Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage is the liquid waste produced by humans which typically contains washing water, fasces, urine, laundry waste and other liquid or semi-liquid wastes from households and industry. It is one type of wastewater. Sewage collection and disposal is usually done via a system of sewer pipes (sewers) called sewerage, and sometimes via a cesspool emptier.

OCNED FRP Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
The Fibre-Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) packaged sewage treatment plant is an Extended Aeration system which consists of an inlet primary screen chamber, pumping sump, secondary screen chamber, horizontal grit chamber, oil and grease chamber, aeration tank, sedimentation tank, sludge holding tank, control/blower room, disinfecting chamber and flow measuring chamber.


Pumping Station
Almost all landfills produce leachates. In many cases the leachates are unsuitable for discharge to municipal sewage works, usually due to high BOD/COD levels and/or high ammonia levels.

Sewerage Reticulation
A centralized waste water system consists of a main sewer or manifold with branch sewers emanating from it and yet smaller lateral sewers to cover all the houses and commercial buildings transporting sewage to treatment. 


Industrial / Leachate Wastewater Treatment Plant (Landfill Wastewater)
Leachates are liquids  that area leached/drained from landfills, carrying some dissolved contents. Due to that, leachates contain high amount of BOD/COD and have high ammonia levels that are not allowed to be discharged directly to municipal sewage works.

Water Purification System
OCNED has made its efforts to identify itself as an environmental innovation company that provides technology, expertise and experience to help materialize a variety of objectives that human-being pursue concerning water and associated environmental issues.



Ground Water Engineering & Drilling
OCNED is also specializing in drilling for exploration, development and management for groundwater supply. We have involved in numerous projects in Malaysia for groundwater supply for domestic, industrial and construction utilization. Hence, we have the experience in assisting to gather information required for LUAS application for approval to extract groundwater use in Selangor.

Desludging Work
Geotube dewatering technology is now the dewatering method of choice for organizations around the world simply due to good reasons – simplicity and low cost.



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