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Mobile Decanter

The MDU system (Mobile Dewatering Unit) also known as sludge dewatering & desludging unit, which consists of pontoon, sludge reception unit, Macerator, Centrifugal Decanter, Polymer Preparation system and control panel. The skid is Compact and unique.

The process of dewatering start from transferring sludge from pond/lagoon by using a pontoon. A small boat similar like “sampan” floating on the pond to do this work. The direction control motor was provided to divert the direction of the pontoon by operator during transfer of sludge.  The submersible pump is fixed at the bottom of pontoon, the purpose is to suck all the settle particle. Meanwhile, submersible mixer will ensure proper mixing and evenly distribution of stagnant sludge.

Sludge lifted by pontoon pump will transferred into a tank known as Sludge Reception Unit. All the bigger particle larger that 12mm will be filtered out, such as plastic, paper and rock. Then filtered wastewater will Then pump to the macerator. Macerator is used to grind the incoming sludge before feed into the Centrifugal Decanter.  A progressive cavity pump will be used to feed the sludge into centrifugal Decanter. At the same time, polymer will be feed inline into the decanter for proper solid liquid separation process. Dry cake (sludge) will be transferred out by screw conveyor for disposal to state government approved landfill or agriculture used. The supernatant from centrifugal decanter will be discharged to nearest drain.

Desludging for :  


It is highly recommended that, the desludging work be carried out once a year to avoid high concentration or hardening of sludge built up in the pond. By regularly desludging of pond, the efficiency of the treatment process will increase tremendously and produce better result of wastewater treatment plant.

Pontoon is a floating unit used to transfer the sludge from lagoon to dewatering skid. It consists of directional control motor, submersible pump and mixer.    

Dry Cake (Sludge) will be transferred out  buy screw conveyor for disposal to state  government approval landfill or agriculture  used.


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