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Electrical Resistivity Surveying & Groundwater Modelling

Prior to carrying out the physical drilling of the water well, our company have the expertise and equipment to carry out a resistivity survey to locate the best possible spot for ground water well exploration.

ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY SURVEYING is a geophysical projecting operation in which the measurement of earth resistivity is created from the ground surface. The relative value of electrical resistivity is interpreted, under certain conditions, in terms of the general geology of the subsurface to limits depths. This method has been used in ground water exploration since the early 1930s.

Generally, various types of earth materials exhibit certain ranges of the resistivity values. Using four electrodes that is set in the ground, the apparent earth resistivity is determined by measuring the voltage drop between two interior electrodes when current is passed though the earth between the outer electrodes. The most common arrangement is the Wenner Configuration (as shown below) with the electrodes equally spaced along straight line.

Electrical resistivity surveying finds its best application in preliminary exploration of large areas, where a substantial ground water development is desired.

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