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2015 MBAM charity to Kuantan Flood


MBAM conducted CSR site visits on 15th February 2015 to schools in Kelantan that we have identified under our MBAM Flood Relief Donation Drive. The MBAM delegation was led by MBAM President, Mr Matthew Tee accompanied by MBAM Executive Director, Ms Loh Mei Ling, MBAM Public Relations Executive, Ms Tessa Hamid and I. We are also pleased that representatives from our affiliate member, Persatuan Pembinaan Kelantan (Kin Cho Hong), i.e. President, Datuk Tan Liang Chong, Vice President, Mr King Chin Wai and Second Vice President, Mr Steven Lee were present as part of MBAM delegations for the visit. We went to three schools namely, SJKC Yuk Chai, SMK Manek Urai and SK Manek Urai at Kuala Krai to see for ourselves the trail of destruction left by the recent major flood. One of the school was flooded up to the third floor during the major flood which forced up to 500 victims to stay on the fourth floor of the school building before they were saved by the authorities.

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, MBAM has initiated the first ever MBAM Flood Relief Donation Drive in order to provide relief for the victims of the flood that hit this country late last year. With the unconditional support from our members, we have managed to collect RM124,400.00 to donate to those who have been affected by the flood. MBAM have decided that we will give out the donation in the form of school amenities to lessen the burden faced by the victims. These donations are apart from the RM20,000.00 that we have donated earlier to National Security Council to assist the flood victims.

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